IGATE, DIGI RPN1-1 & QRU-Server SA7SKY-10 live
  10147.3kHz / 5354.0kHz & 144.800MHz

SA7SKY-10 Coverage 145 Mhz
HF IGATE 10147.3kHz USB RPR300/600 APRS
HF IGATE   5354.0kHz USB RPR300/600 APRS

Beacon Comment:
G/D = Gate & Digipeater in operation [DIGI only: RPN1-1]
R-I-R = bi-directional (Radio - Internet - Radio)
HX = variable times - 80m HN = night times
QRU-Server = QRU-Server in APRSIS32 enabled

Radio Equipment VHF
Kenwood TM-D710E
Power 50 watts
Diamond X-50 antenna (86m MSL)

Radio Equipment HF
Kenwood TS-480HX connected to SCS Tracker (30m)
Power 100 watts

Kenwood TS-480SAT connected to SCS Tracker (60m)
Power 15 watts E.I.R.P.

Half-Wave-Monoband-Dipoles for 30 & 80 m & Multiband Vertical Naval Antenna for 60 m.

APRSIS32 on Windows 10 driven HP DeskTop 250 G

Coverage SA7SKY-10 145 MHz

APRSIS32.xml Configuration
QRU-Requests QRU-Requests
QRU Archives SA7SKY-10 QRU-Archives
APRS Queries
APRS Queries
APRS Abfragen
APRS Abfragen
Digipeater Users Digipeater Users
Raw & Call Raw & Call
Heard Via Radio Heard Via Radio

Power Height Gain analysis 144.800MHz
ICONs total belonging to activities of SA7SKY
SA7SKY-10 Power Height Gain   Total ICONs belonging to activities of SA7SKY

Due to actual PHG values on the 2m band there is no digipeater within the range of SA7SKY-10


It makes sence to split different icons by certain decimal degree in north/south direction (i.e. 00.00.01) to allow zooming in for visitors. Whereby here SA7SKY-10 is the center position showing the true QTH. Click on the image to see all of them (except SSID-0) live on aprs.fi